How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents work in one of the most competitive markets out there. The question of how to stay competitive and be successful comes up time and time again. An effective real estate agent is proactive, no matter how long they’ve been in business. Are you considering a career in real estate? Here are some helpful tips to help get you started. Click To Tweet

How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

So how do you attain success? There’s no secret or shortcut. You need to give attention to generating leads and leveraging referrals on a consistent basis, and you’ll be able to do that by using tools to streamline your other tasks.

Invest in Marketing

One of the most effective marketing campaigns you can implement is an SEO-optimized website that’s beautiful, user-friendly and features all your listings. Along with that, you’ll need a visible online presence to enable potential customers to interact with you. This includes social media networking, blogs, and responsive interactions.

Cultivate Relationships

Once you’ve concluded a transaction, that client lead is still active. Send market updates, just-listed cards, recently-sold cards, and friendly correspondences. For loyal clients who have become more like brand ambassadors, check in by phone every few months and invite them to lunch or coffee.

Be Easy to Reach

This is easier said than done, particularly once your business has picked up. Invest in a real estate answering service so that you never miss a lead. You can determine how the calls are routed, which calls are forwarded and ensure that no one is sent to voicemail.

Pro Tip: In real estate, competition is fierce, so you have to be accessible to potential clients anytime they call.

Not For The Faint of Heart

Agents must carefully handle demanding clients, and face the ongoing necessity of increasing their customer base. It’s a demanding and high-pressure career that isn’t for everyone. If you’re serious about growing our base you need to step up your offerings.  

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