How a Call Answering Service Can Benefit Physicians

If you are a healthcare professional or physician, you know how valuable your time is. When you aren’t seeing patients, you’re busy with the intricacies of running a successful practice. Why worry about incoming phone calls when you can have a medical answering service take care of your patient calls for you? Click To Tweet

How Does an Answering Service Benefit Healthcare Professionals?

Outsourcing a live answering service for your healthcare office can make it so you never miss a call from a patient, and not only ensure customer satisfaction, but you can maintain HIPAA requirements, too. Here are five ways that utilizing an answering service can benefit physicians.

  1. Never Miss a Call
  2. Higher Staff Efficiency
  3. Meet HIPAA Requirements
  4. Increase Profitability
  5. Patient Satisfaction

1) Never Miss a Call

A professional answering service can be customized to suit the needs of the physician and the practice so you never miss a patient’s call. An answering service can provide service after hours, on the weekend, and can even fill in during times when your practice is short staffed or overly busy.

2) Higher Staff Efficiency

As calls come in and patients want to request or cancel appointments, ask questions, or get prescriptions filled, other tasks are not completed such as filing, attending to the patients in the office, or dealing with billing can become a challenge. An answering service allows your staff to focus on day-to-day tasks that help grow the business and allows them to feel less overwhelmed.

3) Meet HIPAA Requirements

Patient privacy is vitally important and closely regulated by the government. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all patient health information should be closely guarded and monitored.

ProTip: Avoid violations by using a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service that you can trust with your patient records.

4) Increase Profitability

Every minute saved by your call center is time that can be used more productively, increasing your profitability and efficiency. As a physician, you can give your patients the attention they need when they need it, which will help decrease the number of no-shows and other issues you might run into.

5) Patient Satisfaction

One of the top reasons to use an answering service as a physician is because it helps guarantee patient satisfaction. They will be able to reach your practice at any time and during any circumstances to get the answers and help they need.

Live Answering Services: The Best Choice for Your Healthcare Office

There are so many benefits to using an answering service if you are a physician. An answering service will allow your patients less wait time, a staff who isn’t overworked, and create a patient experience your clients want to recommend.

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