How to Effectively Use a Phone Answering Service for Small Business

As a business owner, you likely receive calls at all hours of the day and night. With your deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit and passion for delivering results, you work hard to personally greet every caller. But soon you realize that some may fall through the cracks if you are going to focus on running your business too.

You are not alone. Many small business owners struggle to find balance while wearing various hats each day. Thankfully, there is an affordable solution. More and more small business owners are turning to professional phone answering services to handle their calls and route their leads.

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While you may fear that using an answering service may seem impersonal, customers are much more likely to do business with you when they reach an actual person than your voicemail. Here are a few ways to effectively adopt a phone answering service for your business:

Train Your Team Members

Be sure to educate your entire team on the operation of the phone answering service and help them understand why it’s beneficial to your business. It’s a good idea to set up a time where your staff can listen in on a mock phone call so everyone is aware of what a real caller will experience.

Pro Tip: Many call centers will provide demos for their phone answering services. Use this opportunity to help you and your team fully understand what your customers will experience when they call your business and speak with a live receptionist.

Take Full Advantage of the Services Offered

Many answering services do more than just ensure live operators are available to answer a customer’s phone call. Research other benefits your service offers that can help with time management, such as pager notifications when you have a message waiting for you. Paging features let you get back to your client faster and more effectively than if you were to check your messages at the end of each day, or whenever you find the time. Your customers will appreciate the quick response and will feel much more comfortable reaching out to you in the future.   

Ask Customers for Feedback

In order to grow and continue to satisfy your customer base, give them the opportunity to provide you with feedback on how their experience went when calling your business. What was the average time between when a customer left a message with the answering service and when they were given a follow up from your team? Receiving honest reviews from your customers is a great way to show them you care about their experience and you’re striving to provide them with the best possible customer service.

Enjoy the Benefits!

Now that you’re able to focus on other aspects of your business, you can rest assured knowing your customers are being taken care of by a live operator or virtual receptionist on the other end of the line, and that their needs are being met in a timely manner.

Are you a small business owner struggling to find a balance between phone calls and managing your business? Join the conversation to learn how professional phone answering services can give you such much-needed relief while boosting your sales.