The Undeniable Value of Phone Answering Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Is your nonprofit organization missing calls or worse, losing valuable money spent on an in-house receptionist? You can free up resources and cut back on budget spending with a quality phone answering service for nonprofits.

If your organization is struggling to keep up with incoming calls or missing crucial calls, it’s time to switch to a professional answering service. It can be difficult to hire internal receptionists for emergency lines, help desks, hotlines, and more. Let a custom-designed phone solution do the work for you!

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Cost Effective

As a nonprofit organization, your budget is probably a top concern. Outsourcing your receptionist duties to a professional phone answering service will save you money in the long run. Once extra dollars are freed-up, you can afford to hire another employee to fill a much-needed position or increase another department’s budget. Just imagine the further impact your nonprofit can have in the community with some additional dollars!

A Custom Approach

Another concern with using a phone answering company may revolve around accurately getting your organization’s mission, values, and brand beliefs across to callers. While it may seem daunting, an answering service for nonprofits will know the ins and outs of working with 501c and not for profit entities. They will assign you customer service agents who are well-versed about your brand and have the knowledge to currently use nonprofit communication techniques. Rest assured that your organization is left in the hands of professionals!

Choose The Service That Best Fits Your Organization

Pro tip: One service does not fit all nonprofits. Choose a company who offers multiple different phone answering services and can cater a solution to your organization’s needs.  

Here are some common solutions for your nonprofit organization’s needs:

24/7 Live Answering

Do you require a live receptionist 24/7? Then you need a live answering service that offers a personal, live greeting to each and every caller. If your organization has overflow calls, a help desk, emergency hotline, or after-hour calls, this is the solution for you!

Live On-Demand

With a live on-demand answering service, you get the professionalism of a live receptionist when it’s needed most. Callers will be directed to a friendly automated service with custom options, however, they will also have the ability to select “0” to speak with a live operator. Now that’s what we call outstanding customer service!

Virtual Answering Services

As a nonprofit who needs to keep budget as a top priority, virtual answering services are what your organization needs. You get a dependable automated receptionist with custom features like live call transfer and telephone notifications. Skip the voicemail and go with the professional choice of a virtual phone answering service.

Never Miss a Call Again!

Now that you know all of your options, you probably won’t see incoming calls the same again. Make missed calls, unprofessional greetings, and spending costly dollars on internal receptionists a thing of the past! The undeniable value of phone answering services for nonprofits has never been more clear.

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