How to Measure the ROI of Your Small Business's Answering Service

A business owner’s top concern when it comes to purchasing new services and products is the ROI outcome. Will the investment pay off in the end? You can answer this crucial question through diligent evaluation and calculations. Just as you track your marketing ROI, you should do the same for the answering service your small business hired. But how are call center services measured?

As a small business owner, ROI is a top concern. If you aren’t sure how an answering service investment will pay off, consider these 3 measurement factors. Click To Tweet

3 Small Business Answering Service ROI Statements

How is your small business answering service performing? Once you quantify the ROI of outsourcing receptionist duties, you will quickly see how the investment will greatly benefit your business. Consider these 3 ROI measurements:

  1. Sales Leads and Conversions
  2. Lower Hiring Costs  
  3. Track Marketing Campaign Calls  

1) Sales Leads and Conversions

With a live answering service, there is always a live receptionist available to take customer calls — night and day. Without 24/7 assistance it would be difficult to answer these phone calls at all times of the day. As a busy business owner, you have meetings to attend, training conferences, marketing events, and you may not want to take critical calls late at night. Making sure that every single call is answered means you are likely to get more sales leads and conversions.

Call center employees can be trained to take orders over the phone, sell different products/services, and become well-versed with your company’s offerings. Whether lead information is gathered and carried on to your internal sales team, or callers convert over the phone, your small business answering service will greatly increase sales simply by being available to always take a call.

2) Lower Hiring Costs

Hiring new employees comes with numerous costs. While other departments may benefit from internal staff members, your receptionist position is better suited for a professional call center. Outsourcing your answering service can eliminate these hiring expenses:

  • Monthly salary or hourly wages
  • Healthcare insurance
  • 401K
  • Other benefits
  • Taxes
  • Training
  • Equipment needed to perform a job such as extra telephones, computers, and headsets
  • Purchasing uniforms like scrubs or branded attire (if applicable)
  • Travel costs for conferences, training, etc.

3) Track Marketing Campaign Calls

Are you running Google ads or other marketing campaigns that have a phone number attached? If so, you need to make certain that someone is always available to take these incoming calls. Once you launch an ad, you will likely start seeing a higher call volume within a short period of time. Get call center services established beforehand, even if it means starting with a virtual answering service, at least you can rest assured calls won’t be ignored or go to voicemail.

Pro Tip: Your small business answering service ROI increases simply by having a human or friendly virtual system pick up critical calls.

Remember, these are callers who have seen your marketing ads, which means they are qualified leads for your sales team. And, with proper training, receptionists can learn how to convert those callers over the phone, creating less work for your staff.

Improve Your ROI and Watch Your Business Soar!

At the end of the day, you want to make sure your costly investments are working. Use these 3 measurements above to determine how your small business answering service is yielding a return. If you aren’t seeing the results you desire, make the switch to a professional and quality answering service company who will work on your behalf to get the ROI you need.  

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