What to Expect from a Virtual Receptionist Service

Most business owners are familiar with the convention of having an onsite receptionist to answer phone calls and take messages. For a while, this system worked just fine. But now, as people increasingly call a business before visiting, your poor receptionist can be easily overworked and have to place customers on hold to take care of others. Not only does this take a toll on them individually, but it also costs your business potential sales connections.

Fortunately, switching to a virtual receptionist service can help quite a bit with this problem. Not only will you reduce wait time, but you’ll also see higher customer satisfaction and, consequently, more success for your business. Here’s how a virtual receptionist can improve your business.

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Multiple People Monitoring the Phone

A single receptionist answering phone calls can easily be overwhelmed by a busy day. Plus, in addition to monitoring the phone, receptionists have other work to do. The combination of two demanding sets of duties can prove to be too much. Fortunately, an answering service eliminates this problem by ensuring that multiple people monitor the phone at any given moment. If one person is unavailable to answer, someone else can take the call and prevent the customer from going on hold.

Live Receptionists Always Available

Business doesn’t sleep! Customers can call at any time of day or night, and no matter what time it is, they expect to be greeted by a live receptionist. Fortunately, an answering service can fulfill that expectation. Professional receptionists will answer the call quickly and provide as much customer care as possible. Keep your business running while you’re catching up on sleep!

Pro Tip: Advertising that your customer service line is active 24/7 is sure to attract potential clients. People love to have their questions and concerns addressed any time of day or night!

Streamlining Calls and Schedule

Not every caller needs to talk directly to the business owner, and not every change to the schedule is significant enough to warrant a company-wide notification. With some training from you, your answering service workers will learn to differentiate between high-priority calls and simple questions they can answer easily. Let them manage the minutiae of your schedule and the dozens of phone calls you field every day.

An Excellent Choice

Switching to a virtual receptionist will provide a much-needed boost to your business’s time management and customer satisfaction. Why wait? Switch to a virtual receptionist today and manage all those phone calls!

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