Live Answering Services for Property Management Companies

Maintaining rental properties can be profitable, but the many demands from clients can be difficult to keep up with. Whether it’s a pressing issue or a minimal request, every resident wants responsive service. By teaming up with a property management answering service, you can be sure every call gets answered quickly and efficiently.

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Day or night, property management business receives a ton of calls from clients, tenants, maintenance and staff for a wide range of matters to handle. A telephone answering service can help your property to handle maintenance and after-hours calls while keeping tenants tended to. 

Maintenance Calls

Multi-family properties tend to get multiple maintenance calls throughout the day and after office hours. It’s frustrating for the tenant to be put on hold or be sent to a voicemail when they have a broken A/C unit or an unusable toilet. A live answering service will be able to schedule maintenance appointments with no issue and answer the resident’s questions they’re likely to have. 

Happy Tenants & Office Staff

Your property’s office staff are already running many errands throughout their workday. Leaving multiple phone calls unanswered leads to stressed-out staff and unhappy tenants. With a phone answering service, your staff will be able to go about their daily duties while residents have a knowledgeable representative to answer their phone calls. 

Pro Tip: 70% of a customer’s experience is based on how they feel they’re being treated. Effective communication between staff and tenants will land you pleasant reviews for your property.

Emergency Calls

Accidents happen, and when they do, they don’t always line up with regular office hours. A 24-hour call center service representative will be able to call for emergency dispatch if needed as soon as they receive the call. Tenants should always have a way to contact their property management company and report their emergency without having to wait.

Quality Customer Service 24 Hours a Day

Being a responsive company will help keep current residents happy and appeal to prospective tenants in the future. A property management answering service is your solution to missed phone calls and redirecting messages properly. You can rest assured that every call is picked up and handled according to your exact instructions.

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