How Nonprofits Can Benefit from Live Answering Services

Nonprofit organizations are driven by passion and the individuals who are called to make a difference. With so much work to put into action, there’s often not much wiggle room for answering each phone call that comes through. Fortunately, non-profit answering services are an effective solution. 

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If your nonprofit is looking to gain visibility in the community while being responsive to individual needs, a dedicated call center may be the answer. Outsourcing live answering services is a cost-effective solution for overflow calls, after-hour emergencies, and regular live receptionist duties.

Calls Are Always Answered

Volunteers for nonprofits are often busy with long hours of work trying to maintain a smooth-running organization. There might not be someone available to answer the phone when a call comes in from a potential volunteer or donor. With a live answering service, you have virtual receptionists available to respond to calls that would otherwise be missed. 

Donations are Made Easy

A non-profit entity’s goal is to make an impact and build a supportive community of donors and volunteers. When calls are coming in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s important to your organization not to miss any significant calls. With a telephone answering service, live operators are available to answer donation calls after successful pledge drives and marketing campaigns bring them in full. 

Pro Tip: Live answer manages after-hour emergency and priority calls, meaning nonprofit volunteers can focus on their duties at hand and be notified of matters only when necessary. 

Convenient Chat Support

Some people would rather not call to ask their questions, or they might need to speak with someone from your organization without the means to make a phone call. If your website offers live chat support, visitors can easily ask their questions and receive prompt customer service from virtually anywhere.

Continue Growing Your Nonprofit Organization

Being in charge of a non-profit organization can be difficult, but rewarding work far outweighs the struggles. Make a great first impression on callers, and consider a reliable live answering service to be a representation of your nonprofit. 

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