The Importance of Communication in Online Learning

An online learning environment can be a great method of education for students with the right communication techniques. With the sudden shift from attending classes in-person to participating in online courses, now is a great time to understand the importance of online communication skills. 

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Building a sense of community is critical to online learning for teachers, students, and their peers. Practice giving thorough feedback, staying involved in class discussions, and understanding synchronous communication to get the most out of online education. 

Giving Thorough Feedback

The learner needs to be shown that their work is being reviewed adequately and receive a response to their project input. When school work is being completed and reviewed online, it can be difficult for the student to have a full understanding of what the instructor is telling them through personal communication without knowing their body language. Make sure your online classes are getting the full picture by being thorough in your feedback and overcommunicating education goals. 

Staying Involved in Discussion

There are a wide variety of forms of communication in an online environment. Keep the class connected with one another by participating in online discussion forums. Real-time virtual meetings via webcam are a great way to open up discussions and get input from everyone included in the class. Staying connected and involved in discussion boards will help everyone to get the bigger picture in the long run. 

Synchronous Communication is Key

Online instructors should have their office hours posted for their students to view and schedule a one on one virtual meeting when they need additional assistance. There are plenty of user-friendly communication tools to choose from that students and teachers can access. Being able to schedule meetings will help things run smoothly, whereas incoming phone calls from multiple students can be missed and go to voicemail without an answering service for educators.

Pro Tip: If you’re struggling to keep up with various phone calls throughout the day while teaching from home, a live on-demand answering service can help to streamline outside communication.

Mastering Communication Between Peers & Instructors

Online learning requires a solid communication strategy to benefit the student and the teacher. Fewer questions will go unanswered and more goals will be achieved with great means of discussion and feedback. 

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