5 Property Management Answering Service Benefits

Effective communication is essential in property management, a reason good enough to invest in property management answering service. As a property manager, tenants will call you daily or at night to report issues. So, you should be available 24/7 to receive phone calls. Without a phone answering service, you’ll likely miss some calls.

Which benefits can property owners expect from live or virtual answering services? 

Property management involves screening tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, and filling vacant units. So, doing all these tasks and receiving incoming phone calls can be more tedious. As a result, you’ll miss some calls. But here’s how property management answering service can help.

  1. Handle Issues with Emergency Calls 
  2. Respond to Tenant Issues and Concerns
  3. After-Hours Customer Calls Answered
  4. Dispatch Maintenance On the Go
  5. More Clients Means More Scheduled Appointments 
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1) Handle Issues with Emergency Calls 

Emergency calls can come in at any time, including after business hours. But with an answering service, your tenants’ phone calls can be answered anytime and attend to emergencies. Also, they’ll receive personalized greetings while reporting emergencies. Then, all you have to do is provide a list of emergency and non-emergency issues.

2) Respond to Tenant Issues and Concerns

A property management answering service only collects the relevant information to address the tenants’ issues and concerns. That way, resolving the problems promptly, even after business hours, becomes easy. For instance, these could be requests for repairs and maintenance.

3) After-Hours Customer Calls Answered

When you rely on in-house receptionists, the chances are that clients who call after business hours won’t get help. But with property management answering services, all calls will get answered after business hours. Besides, they’ll enjoy after-hour benefits, including overflow support, appointment scheduling, and after-hours coverage.

4) Dispatch Maintenance On the Go

Another benefit of an answering service to property managers is the ability to dispatch maintenance promptly. Once you’ve provided the emergency maintenance protocol list, your tenants can get immediate responses to their maintenance requests. The good news is that the receptionist also offers bilingual answering services.

5) More Clients Means More Scheduled Appointments 

Quick phone answering is synonymous with better customer service. So, a property management answering service can help you expand your client base by scheduling more appointments. As a result, your property management company will increase its customer base, as all the tenants can quickly find you over the phone. 

Live Answering Services for Property Managers

Don’t hesitate to invest in the call answering service now that you know the benefits of a property management answering service. A virtual receptionist will handle all incoming phone calls, including after business hours. As a result, it will boost customer satisfaction. Thankfully, VoiceLink offers a cost-effective phone answering service.

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