How to Optimize Your Website for More Phone Calls

Before visiting a business in person, potential customers tend to take two key steps. First, they look the business up online to look for reviews, browse menus or product lists, and generally learn about them. Second, they’ll call the business with a question or clarification of something. If the business is able to offer the customer the help and information they need, these initial contacts often turn into physical visits and sales.

Your website is the face of your business, and if customers want to contact you, your website should make the process very simple. Show your customers that their call matters to you. As you design or revamp your business website, keep these tips in mind to ensure your customers can contact you as easily as possible.

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Display Your Phone Number Prominently

Make sure a phone number is strategically placed at the header and footer of each page of your website. The first number should appear as a call to action for site visitors to “speak with a specialist now”. If your site visitor scrolls through your home page down to the end and doesn’t find a second number to call at the bottom, chances are they might move on to a competitor to call. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

With the number of mobile phone users expected to jump to 4.78 billion worldwide in 2020, it’s no surprise that a good percentage of your website visitors will be coming from mobile devices. Optimizing your site for mobile users will ultimately drive more calls. Your prominently placed calls to action will lead the site visitor directly to dialing you. 

Click-to-Call Buttons

Click-to-call buttons are your chance to use a quick call-to-action which catches the reader’s attention and helps nudge them towards contacting your business. You can use a call tracking tool to see which click-to-call buttons are creating the best call conversions. Try these in various formats on your landing pages. A good example is “Ready to Start Planning Your Event? Speak with a Specialist Today” as the call to action line with a “Call Now” button. 

Pro Tip: A call center service is suitable for the holiday season–giving your customers the support they seek while the business is closed for holiday hours.

Catch Your Customers’ Attention

If a customer takes the time to call your business, it’s a sign that your optimization strategy is working! Keep finding new ways to encourage people to pick up the phone. The faster you can respond and help them find what they need, the better your sales figures will be!

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