Contact Center vs. Call Center Answering Services

As a business owner who plans to invest in call answering services, you may need help choosing between contact center vs. call center services. Both options are integral parts of telephone answering services but differ slightly in customer service. The bottom line is that contact and call centers can help meet your communication needs.

Many people use contact and call centers interchangeably, yet they mean different things. A contact center is a communication center that accommodates every communication channel, hence the name omnichannel. On the other hand, a call center encompasses answering services to improve customer support.

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Contact Center Support

A contact center offers customer support through automated chatbots. It handles communication in multiple channels and provides telephone support. Unfortunately, it has replaced personal customer interaction and human connection between customers and business owners. Thankfully, clients can get real-time responses from businesses.

Call Center Services

Unlike contact centers, call centers focus on handling phone calls through channels staffed with live call center agents. As a result, it encourages one-on-one interaction with customers. Besides, the live agents can provide efficient and more personalized service or support. Most importantly, a call center handles inbound and outbound calls.

Pro Tip: Most call centers use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to reach customers remotely. This technology encourages communication through the internet.

Which One is Right for You?

Whether you choose contact center vs. call center services depends on your business size and needs. Call centers are ideal for remote teams since they work with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems suitable for offices. Conversely, a contact center is ideal for large enterprises to support customers across many channels.

Finding the Right Answering Service for Your Business

Whether you own a large or small business, you should understand the differences between contact center vs. call center services. It will help you pick a customer support option that suits your business best to improve customer satisfaction. All customers expect you to address their issues promptly when they call or send text messages.

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