Happy Holidays from VoiceLink!

2021 has zipped along to the end in the blink of an eye. This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, analyze the year behind us, and look ahead with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. With that in mind, here’s a look at 2021 with VoiceLink!

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How Answering Services Can Help Overwhelmed Business Owners

If you feel overwhelmed, you can manage your workload in many ways through answering services. This blog post gives you a look at how they can help lighten your load. Your answering service provider will handle all the incoming calls from your clients, including the potential ones.

Phone Call Etiquette: How to Always Sound Professional

Answering professional phone calls can be the most vital part of your job. You should apply strong communication skills to fulfill the customers’ needs. How you answer incoming phone calls and speak over the phone will determine your clients’ commitment to your services.

The Benefits of Having a Live Answering Service

Business owners should consider having a live answering service to ensure no missed calls. Working with a live professional receptionist to answer your calls on your behalf saves you money, time, and company reputation. Whenever customers make a call and their issues are solved, it increases customer satisfaction.

Setting New Goals For 2022

The holiday season and the end of another year are always busy. However, it’s also a time for reflection on the recent past and planning for the future. VoiceLink is dedicated to improving ourselves in the new year, and we hope to pass that hope for improvement on to our clients!

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