3 Secrets of Successful Nonprofits

The nonprofit industry and rapidly grown, with new organizations popping up left and right, many with similar causes and programs. The universal use of smartphones has decreased people’s attention spans, making it harder for nonprofits to stand out and get their message heard. So how do you succeed in this competitive market? It's difficult to make your nonprofit stand out, but with the right tools and practices, you can gain an edge. Click To Tweet

Secrets of Successful Nonprofits

While it’s crucial to champion the causes you care about, you have to ensure that your non-profit organization is effective in achieving its goals. Here are 3 necessary elements to make sure that happens:

  1. Sustainability
  2. An Engaged Board
  3. Adaptability

1) Sustainability

A successful nonprofit requires more than funds to stay afloat. The cause it addresses and programs it provides need to be relevant, not for situations of the past. In addition, funds should be allocated with care and foresight. For example, a nonprofit land conservancy with 3 field employees, a remote answering service and off-site accountant should not be spending $2000 per month to rent an office space that no one uses.

2) An Engaged Board

Your board members may not come to your organization fully informed, but you should have a training plan in place to beef up their knowledge. Each member should genuinely care for the organization, its mission, and the community as a whole. Engagement is evident when the board member shows up for meetings, participates in the discussion, ask questions, and holds themselves and their fellow board members accountable. An engaged board that participates in events and spread the message of the organization will be invaluable advocates for the nonprofit.

3) Adaptability

You need to have people on your team with the time and skill to plan ahead, as well as people who can build new relationships and innovate new programs. A nonprofit is not unlike any other business in that it has to provide something that people want or care about, and when there’s not enough demand, you must have the ability to adapt, or pivot.

Smart Spending

As a nonprofit, you rely on donations and grants to stay afloat. That can develop a ‘feast or famine’ mentality around spending. You never know when your next big income stream might dry up, so it’s difficult to spend money on tools to grow your organization. However, growth depends on smart spending on those products and services that will free you up to carry your message.

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