6 Ways to Boost Business and Grow Your Veterinary Clinic

Maybe your vet clinic has some new local competition, or you’ve just reached a natural plateau and you are no longer growing as fast. Regardless of your reasons, it’s never too late to start growing your veterinary practice. Like any business in the service industry, veterinary success depends on the level of care and the visibility of the practice. Click To Tweet

How to Grow Your Veterinary Clinic

Your veterinary clinic can improve dramatically in a matter of weeks by making smart changes to your employee training, marketing plan and general brand. Here are some suggestions for how to get started today.

  1. Network
  2. Update Your Online Presence
  3. Offer Referral Incentives
  4. Provide a Personal Touch
  5. Welcome Customer Feedback
  6. Provide 24/7 Answering Service

1) Network

Spend time with local business owners and employees, either informally or at network events.  Is there a new pet grooming salon, doggy daycare, or training facility near you? Go introduce yourself. Animal-related businesses often share the same clients, and can serve as a powerful referral tool. Just be careful that the business you reach out to has a good reputation and provides excellent care and service.

2) Update Your Online Presence

Does your clinic have a Facebook page? When was the last time you upgraded the look of your website? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself. Your presence online can serve as a marketing tool, even if you’re doing it yourself. An example is a “Pet of The Week” contest on Facebook. Allow your followers to vote on the cutest pet from a pool of your weekly patients. Free publicity for your business, and a small prize or title for the winner.

3) Offer Referral Incentives

Start by creating a list of rewards for each referral client. The rewards should grow in value as the client makes more referrals. For example, the first time clients refer a friend you might send a thank-you card with a small Starbucks gift card. For the second referral, you might offer a free check-up or goodie bag of branded goods and treats.

4) Clear Pricing

One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction is unclear pricing. Train your staff to be very transparent when it comes to pricing. Consider providing a quote on paper before each customer decides on a course of treatment. This will eliminate any confusion that might lead to customers feeling swindled or tricked.

5) Welcome Customer Feedback

Even when it’s bad, feedback is always good. Encourage customers to come to you or the clinic manager if they ever have a problem or suggestion. This may help you avoid online reviews that are less than favorable and difficult to overcome.

6) Provide 24/7 Answering Service

Certain types of veterinary service, such as equine care, require house calls. This means that when the customer calls to make an appointment, particularly in an emergency, they should be able to reach someone. Providing 24/7 on-demand answering service dramatically improves customer satisfaction, and boosts confidence in your clinic.

The Veterinarian’s Goal

The ultimate goal of any veterinary practice is to build a business recognized by pet owners as the best place to go for superior care and expertise. By providing a personalized experience, 24/7 attentiveness, and smart marketing tools, you’ll be well on your way to reaching that goal.

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