Answering Services for Veterinarians

The veterinary field deals with a massive amount of daily phone calls as people call for appointment scheduling, emergencies, or general pet owners questions. An equine veterinarian knows this burden especially well. Horses require lots of expert care, after all.

An equine veterinary practice may benefit significantly from hiring an answering service to screen and manage the daily barrage of phone calls and messages coming in. While many of the perks and options offered may seem standard for any call handling service, these perks can prove especially useful to a veterinarian. Let’s take a look at what these features are and how they’ll benefit any veterinary clinic.

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Following Client Instructions

With a managed answering service, your most important instructions will be followed to a tee. You can provide as much detailed information as you need to cover the specifics of your veterinary answering service and the types of calls your dedicated receptionist will be receiving. The goal is to get important calls to the right person at the right time, each and every time–especially with veterinarian clientele.

Pro Tip: The more detailed information you initially give to your call answering representative about the culture of your business, the easier it will be for them to work with your specific clients.  

Professional Service

An equine vet will get busy traveling for appointments, working on various ranches and farms. It’s difficult for nurses and office staff to keep everything in order while answering incoming calls at the same time. To keep things from getting lost in the mix, having a live answering service will ensure that your potential leads get quality and professional customer service from their phone call; even when things seem hectic at the office.

Careful Call Screening

You won’t need to worry about missing any important information from the phone calls your receptionist answers. This is especially useful for specific client requests that your call representative doesn’t quite know the answer to. You’ll be able to listen back to the phone call and get back to your client’s needs as soon as possible. 

A Perfect Solution

Answering services for veterinarians should meet high standards of excellence, professionalism, and client cooperation to be a good choice. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a live answering service or virtual receptionist to help your equine veterinary practice stay on top of daily phone calls and provide excellent care to your clients. Get started managing your calls today!

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