4 Industries That Will Benefit from a Virtual Answering Service

Are you overwhelmed by the number of calls coming into your business? If you’re missing calls after business hours or because of occupied staff, you might be one of the industries that will benefit from a virtual answering service.

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Which industries will benefit from a virtual receptionist?

Virtual answering services and call center solutions handle each custom call with the appropriate customer support. A live operator’s primary function is customer service, while a virtual receptionist manages inbound call handling.

  1. Veterinarian Offices
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Non-Profit Organizations
  4. Energy, Oil & Gas

1) Veterinarian Offices

Clients calling a veterinarian office are usually stressed about the health of their beloved pets. If they call outside of office hours and can’t get a hold of someone to schedule an appointment, chances are they’ll call the next animal clinic.

Pro Tip: Strengthen relationships with your medical office’s patients by having a virtual receptionist answer the call. 

2) Small Businesses

Catching each call that comes in is essential for boosting lead generation in a small business setting. When a potential customer calls your business and can’t get through to anyone, they’re likely to move onto the next business in their search that will provide the service they need. 

3) Non-Profit Organizations

If someone wants to make a donation to your nonprofit but can’t get a hold of someone, they might give up on trying to get through altogether. Using a virtual receptionist is a cost-effective way to handle overflow and after-hour phone calls like a regular live answering service. 

4) Energy, Oil & Gas

Managing day to day operations in a fast-paced industry like oil and gas calls for a well-organized system to maintain workplace safety. A virtual answering service can be of assistance to energy sectors by providing experienced customer service and emergency response to worksite employees at any time it’s needed.  

Communicate with Your Clients

Missing calls can be costly to your business, which is why you should be proactive about making sure each call is answered. Virtual answering services are a smart choice for a variety of industries. 

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