Dedicated Receptionist vs. Virtual Answering Service: What's the Difference?

An in house receptionist comes in handy for call answering during business hours. Small business owners can benefit from virtual assistants to handle calls 24/7. What are some things to consider between a dedicated receptionist and virtual receptionist services? 

Telephone answering services come with a variety of solutions that fit your business needs and customer service goals. A virtual answering service can answer your phone in cases where your live receptionist may be unable to. #VoiceLink Click To Tweet

Live answering services and call center service receptionist teams can handle your business’s phone calls when you and your employees aren’t able to. A dedicated receptionist works remotely and only handles your business calls, while a virtual receptionist can offer features such as live call transfers and 24-hour technical support. 

Dedicated Receptionist

A dedicated receptionist is assigned individually to your business and offer service through their experience. This kind of answering service will take time to do their own research of your business and adjust to company goals. It’s like hiring an office receptionist for scheduling appointments and answering customer service questions except they work remotely. This is a more costly option compared to the feature-rich benefits which a virtual answering service can provide. 

Virtual Answering Service

A virtual answering service is designed to do more than the simple voicemail answering machine. Important phone calls need to be answered, whether in a real estate or medical office setting. With integrated telecom and tech, virtual answering can do what a live answering service provides at a lower cost. Suitable for the budget-conscious business individual, some key features of virtual answering services are:

  • On-Call Schedules
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Telephone Notification
  • Pager Notification
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • 24-hour Technical Support

Phone Answering Service Solutions

Unlike email or text, incoming calls can mean lost leads for your business if no one is at the end of the phone line. There is a variety of answering service solutions to choose from that multiple industries see benefits from. 

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A dedicated or virtual receptionist can be of assistance to a number of industries needing incoming calls answered. Which you choose for your company is based on the results that you’d like to see and the budget for quality customer service.

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