Virtual Receptionists: Answering Services for Lawyers

For attorneys, it’s nearly impossible to take a break and go through the phone calls that need to be responded to when there are so many other tasks on their plate already. A virtual receptionist can be the break that lawyers need to get client communications back in shape and start generating leads.

As a law firm being pulled different ways by many tasks to run inside and outside of the office, it’s smart to turn to a virtual answering service for call handling. #VoiceLink Click To Tweet

Law firms don’t want to miss calls from potential clients. By hiring a virtual receptionist, you can assure your clients that their calls will be answered. With a virtual receptionist, lawyers can focus on other daily business functions knowing that potential clients are tended to with great customer service. 

Practical for Lead Generation

Most clients calling a law firm need to get a hold of someone quickly, or they’ll move on to the next practice to call. You can have your phone number on your website, social media, business cards and all, but one missed call means a missed opportunity for a potential client. Clients calling in need of a lawyer need someone they can trust who will answer immediately. 

A virtual answering service ensures that calls are answered and redirected to the right person to answer their questions. Small law firms are able to schedule appointments and take detailed messages without needing an in house full-time receptionist to answer the phone calls. 

Customizable to Suit Your Standards

No law practice is going to have exactly the same methods or standards of business as one another. A virtual receptionist service can help you stand out from the competition, with exceptional customer service for new and existing clients. Unlike a standard call center, virtual receptionists answer calls for your law firm with your exact instructions and know the importance of representing your company. 

Pro Tip: First impressions are crucial for lawyers. Hire a trusted virtual legal answering service to make a great first impression of your practice with each call.

24 Hour Customer Service

Clients calling in the middle of the night about an urgent situation don’t have time to go to voicemail and wait to be called back the next morning. This will leave existing clients in a state of distress and they’ll lose trust in your business. Calls can always be answered outside of business hours with a virtual answering service. As a lawyer, you can rest assured knowing your most important calls will be transferred directly to you. 

Never Miss a Client’s Call Again

Client intake is the chance for you to introduce your client to your practice and get everything you need to be successful in their case. With a virtual receptionist, lawyers can represent their company with quality customer service.

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