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VoiceLink Communications is a Houston based answering service providing Live and Virtual Answering Service solutions to businesses nationwide.

Our owner-operated company was founded in 1990 based on the simple mission to provide the highest quality personal service with the most competitive rates available. We have earned the trust and loyalty of many great companies by fulfilling this mission and we hope to earn your business in the same way.

VoiceLink Communications, Houston Answering Services

Why VoiceLink Communications?


We focus on attracting, training, and retaining the best staff available. Most of our staff have been with the company for many years.


We provide a host of automated services free-of-charge to complement our live service and significantly reduce costs.


We are a local company that provides personal service nationwide. If you ever have a problem we will quickly fix it – your full satisfaction is our top priority.

Quality Answering Services

Many call centers are either too large to deliver a personal level of service consistently or simply too small to sustain a high level of service. VoiceLink is a boutique answering service designed to provide you with a highly polished level of personal service every single day while offering a host of solutions to minimize cost and fit your budget. Explore the options below and GET A HASSLE-FREE QUOTE.

Live Answering Service, VoiceLink Communications
Live On Demand, VoiceLink Communications, Houston Answering Service
Virtual Answering Service, VoiceLink Communications, Houston

Live Answering Service

Prompt & Professional Greeting by a Live Telephone Receptionist.

Live On Demand

Automated Greeting with Live Receptionist at the press of a button.

Virtual Answering Service

A Cost-Effective & Feature-Rich Automated Answering Service

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VoiceLink Communications Team

Meet Some of Our Key Personnel

Patrick Devers


Mr. Devers started the company in 1990 and remains a hands-on owner-operator who is always available for our customers.

Michelle Facemyer

Operations Manager

Michelle has been with the company since 1996 and will personally work with you to guarantee your account is set up according to your requirements and our staff fully trained on your instructions.

Jeff Hazen

Quality Assurance Manager

Jeff joined VoiceLink in 2004 and is here to insure that your quality expectations are met every time we answer your phone.

Chris Dougherty

Assistant Office Manager

Chris has been with us since 2003 and will promptly address all your Administrative questions.

Leticia Dillon

Evening Supervisor

Leticia has been with us since 2012 and as a team leader and trainer will personally ensure that your calls are always managed according to your expectations.

Our Commitment to You

Our approach to providing quality service has always been different than typical call center companies.

Here are a few reasons why.

  • We focus on training and retaining the most qualified staff available.
  • Most of our staff have been with us for years: low employee attrition translates to dependable service.
  • We provide a host of free automated services that complement our live receptionists while substantially reducing cost.
  • All your calls are recorded and available for your review.
  • We have grown our company on the generous referrals from our clients, and we are mindful of this every time we answer your phone.

Providing Great Service to Great Companies in Houston and Throughout the Nation!

Our customers require a dependable human being somewhere in the link of communications with whom they can trust their most important calls, and we have made a commitment to each one of them to earn that trust every time we answer the phone. 

We are also committed to providing our customers with a variety of creative call center solutions to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. 

By fulfilling these commitments we have earned the trust and loyalty of many of the best companies in Houston and throughout the nation, and we want to extend this same commitment to you. 

I invite you to take a moment to browse our website and to contact us for a hassle-free quote or with any questions you may have about our services. 

Thank you for visiting! 

Patrick Devers 

VoiceLink Communications


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