What is the Best Phone Answering Service for Your Small Business?

Are you considering a phone answering service to help your business run more efficiently while also improving customer service satisfaction? You may have discovered that there are a number of benefits and services this industry offers. So which ones should you choose for your small business?

Choosing the best phone answering option(s) will depend on the product or service your business provides. It’s not uncommon for many industries these days to receive client phone calls day and night, outside of typical working hours. The goal of a phone answering service is to guarantee you never miss a customer’s call or potential lead again. Research your options thoroughly to be sure the service you choose best fits your business needs.

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Live Answering Service

A live answering service allows customers to reach a live receptionist on the other end of the line, 24 hours a day. The phone operator offers help to the client and records any questions or concerns the customer may have.

The live operator is trained in your specific industry and what’s most important to your customers so they can effectively provide the most valuable answers to the caller. This option may be right for you if you prefer every call to be personally greeted by a live receptionist.

Virtual Answering Service

The advantage of having a virtual answering service is that it’s typically more cost-effective for the small business owner. Customers will be able to leave voice messages and you will receive a notification of a pending message, allowing you to reply as soon as you’re available. This option also includes an automated service that can assist with common inquiries such as people calling for directions or office hours. It also allows you and your staff to show your clients you value their call by addressing it in a timely manner. For example, if you work in real estate and you receive a call during a showing or closing, you can return a potential buyer or seller’s call at your earliest convenience.

On-Demand Call Answering

Another cost-effective solution is on-demand call answering, where your caller will enjoy the same high-quality customer service while having the option to be transferred to a live receptionist if the call is urgent. This service combines live and virtual answering services, which can be a great fit for business owners who want a live operator when needed while also reducing the service cost by automating certain features. This can be especially beneficial for healthcare practices, where emergencies can occur at any time.

ProTip: Many professional call answering services will allow you to create a custom menu for your caller. This allows you to better understand the reason for their call, and you can provide even better customer service.

More Options for Modern Day Communication

You might also decide that a good option is to sign up for multiple services at once. Options like live web chat can be included in a live answering service, which is becoming more popular in this digital age.

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