How to Treat your Customers with Respect

Imagine you call a business and boom, immediately, someone on the other end says “please hold” and then the elevator music begins. You don’t get a chance to say a word. We have all been there and it’s not a good feeling. Put yourself in their shoes–would you want to be put on hold? Probably not.

The way you interact with customers has a huge impact on your bottom line including word of mouth referrals and return business. How to treat a customer with respect takes practice, persistence, and dedication, but the payoff is priceless!

Happy Customers Mean A Profitable Business  

It’s time to give customers the value they deserve–when they’re happy, your company will thrive! How to treat a customer with respect may seem like a basic concept, but it’s a core component of a successful business.

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Make Your Phone Calls Personal

According to a GetApp Survey, 36.6% of participants said they value talking to a real person the most when it comes to customer service. So why not give your customers what they want? Just because you are a busy business owner, doesn’t mean you can’t meet their wants. A professional Live Answering Service can give you the personalization of a receptionist with accuracy and promptness.

Don’t Let Customers Go to Voicemail

Let’s face it, while voicemail is handy, it will never replace a real person answering phone calls. Every time a customer gets your voicemail, the get the message that someone else standing in front of them is more important or you’re closed. Either way, it looks like you don’t care. Solve your problem of missed calls with answering service solutions that are catered to your industry.  

Respond Promptly

Did you know that consumers don’t want to be put on hold? Many believe customer service departments should be answering calls immediately, according to this Velaro survey. It comes across as disrespectful and shows that your company doesn’t care enough to pick up the phone. Although this may not be true, it’s still how it appears to callers.

Pro tip: Don’t have the money to invest in a full answering service package that includes a live receptionist? Start with a smaller commitment like Virtual Answering Services so you can rest assured calls are answered 24/7.

Use Basic Courtesy & Professionalism Skills

While you probably already do this, some of your employees may not practice basic courtesy and professionalism skills. Here are a few core customer service ideas to start using today:

  • Actively listen
  • Use “please” and “thank you”
  • Say “sir” and “ma’am”
  • If you are in person, eye contact and open body language say a lot!


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