When Should You Hire an Answering Service?

For a lot of business owners, keeping things in-house as much as possible is their general preference. Small business owners can be especially vulnerable to this attitude. After all, what’s the point of running your own business if you depend on someone else for crucial work functions or services? However, there are times when outsourcing is truly the best option. This is particularly critical when a business owner is considering when to hire an answering service, or whether to do so at all.

Hiring an answering service doesn’t take away independence from your small business. On the contrary, the extra time and money that would ordinarily be spent fielding a flood of calls can now be dedicated to truly time-sensitive work. Think about your business’s current daily operations. If you notice any of these factors, it’s probably time to find an answering service to lighten your load.

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You’re Juggling Too Many Small Tasks

Running a business means handling countless daily tasks, as well as unplanned but important work. If your daily to-do list becomes unreasonably long, for yourself or for your employees, the workday might end with quite a few important tasks left undone. Even if you manage to make it through the entire list, a rush job could mean that you have to return to a few tasks the next day. In summary, it’s possible to have entirely too much on your plate. An answering service offers the chance to reduce the need to field phone calls on top of your daily worklist. You can be confident that while you juggle the rest of your responsibilities, a telephone answering service is working behind the scenes to keep your customers happy.

You Get Phone Calls in the Middle of the Night

Customers can call at any time of day or night, regardless of your business’s posted hours. Small business owners will know the irritation of receiving business-related calls in the middle of the night or during breaks from work. Rather than forcing yourself to answer the phone 24/7 without regard to how you feel or what you’re interrupting, let a professional answering service take over. Any after-hours caller will always be greeted with a cheerful, professional worker no matter what time it is.

The Phone Controls Your Workday

It’s no secret that a major interruption disrupts your workflow and concentration. One major offender in this category is a ringing phone. Have you noticed that a constant string of phone calls keeps cutting into your workday? How easy is it to stay focused with a continually ringing phone breaking your concentration? Maybe it’s time to hiring an answering service so you can actually get some work done.

Pro Tip: According to a study from the University of California, even a short distraction can derail concentration for 25 minutes or more. An answering service can reduce the number of distractions you have to deal with every day.

Outsourcing Your Phone Calls

Small businesses, particularly startups, have to work extra hard to present themselves as professional and trustworthy to a skeptical customer base. If the high volume of phone calls overwhelms you and keeps you from giving the proper attention to other necessary work, consider hiring an answering service to free up some time. Your customers will appreciate the extra attention you can now offer them.

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