Does Your Business Need An After-Hours Answering Service?

Attracting new customers can cost up to five times as much as it does to keep an existing customer base. One of the keys to retaining existing customers is by providing friendly customer service, whenever and wherever the customer may need it.

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Making the customer feel valued and cared for is a major key in retaining customers. By choosing a reliable after-hours answering service, your small business can improve its customer service rating while not overworking yourself or any employees. 

Why 24/7 Availability is So Important

A 24/7 answering service is a great way to differentiate yourself from most businesses. Your customers can chat with a live answering service and never have to worry about getting an automated voicemail if they call after business hours. You can do business at any time of the day without expending additional effort. By keeping customers satisfied, you can schedule more appointments and capture more leads that can potentially turn into customers.

Pro Tip: Increase revenue with an after-hours answering service to significantly improve customer satisfaction and make your services more accessible.

Improving Your Customer Service Rating

One of the best ways for customers to remember you is by providing an exceptional customer experience. Whenever a customer has a problem or needs something answered, they know that your business will answer. This includes answering calls 24/7 and leading a great customer support team.

Improving your customer service rating increases the public’s perception of your business. Particularly in this technology-driven age, it is inevitable for businesses and customers to experience technology glitches. By providing a 24/7 customer support team, your customer can be at ease knowing that their troubles will be resolved by your team at any time of the day. 

Don’t Overwork Yourself!

A 24/7 answering service does not mean that you have to sacrifice your personal life and sleep time to answer phone calls! With telephone answering services, you can implement a call center to answer your calls during off-hours and periods of high call volume. For some businesses, it may be beneficial to hire a virtual receptionist to schedule appointments and capture even more leads. 

Choosing a Reliable After-Hours Answering Service

Implementing an after-hours answering service is a great investment and may just be what your small business needs. Between improving your customer service rating and scheduling more appointments, you can enhance your business’s reputation in little time.

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