How Call Centers Can Adjust to Widespread Remote Work

With the continued spread of COVID-19 in all states, call center remote work continues to be the norm for many. Thousands of call center agents continue to work from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. And with no clear end to remote work in sight, agents and supervisors alike have had to settle in for the long haul.

Currently, 90 percent of employees work from home, and call center agents are no exception. Of course, it goes without saying that employees should continue providing excellent service and supervisors should continue keeping their teams on track even as remote work continues. Here is how you can improve the productivity of your call center team while everyone is still out of the office.

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Keeping Teams Engaged

As the team leader, you need to keep your team engaged and motivated. This largely entails providing help when they need it, offering encouragement, recognizing the challenges of working from home, and more. Other helpful strategies include:

  • Recognize and reward employees doing a good job
  • Provide unique sets of employee benefits like virtual lunch and learns
  • Empower agents to ensure they are proud of what they do
  • Introduce flexibility in work schedules
  • Prioritize your employees’ well-being

Pro Tip: As a manager, don’t get so wrapped up in your projects that you fail to engage your call center employees. Be attentive and treat them like they matter. 

Flexible Cloud-Based Systems

Many call centers have already deployed cloud-based software in their systems, giving them a competitive advantage. This allows for ease of file sharing, communication between team members, and secure storage options for private customer data. If your answering service didn’t already have similar cloud systems in place, now’s the time to start! Cloud-based programs can streamline the workday and cut communication time down significantly.

Stay on Top of Insights & Analytics

As the manager, you should give useful insights across the call center to help keep employees on track during remote working. Data from previous calls and customer interactions will show you where your center can improve and how you can better help your clients. This information also allows you to give detailed feedback to your employees. Keep track of your analytics and keep your employees up to date for enhanced customer service.

Improving Your Call Center’s Remote Experience

Handling customer support via remote work is not easy, although it’s the new norm for a large part of the industry for now. It requires a lot of commitment from the team leaders who must engage team members proactively. Fortunately, cloud-based solutions have leveraged operations in remote call centers, improving employee engagement and customer experience. Take full advantage of the resources available to you to keep your business running as successfully as ever during these uncertain times.

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