4 Customer Service Problems Call Centers Can Fix

Solving customer service problems can significantly boost customer experience in your business. What are the common customer service issues in your business? And how can you solve them? Let’s take a closer look.

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Common Customer Service Challenges

An impressive 70 percent of clients whose issues get resolved faster will be willing to shop with your business again. With this figure in mind, you should strive to determine what might negatively affect customer engagement in your business and how to fix it. Here are the common customer service problems you’ll most likely experience:

  1. Uninformed employees
  2. Constantly transferring callers
  3. Making customers wait forever
  4. Failing to build relationships with customers

1) Uninformed Employees

An uninformed customer service agent may promise to solve a client’s problem, but fail to do so. When the customer’s issues end unsolved, they will get upset and move to your competitors. This issue may arise when the employee in question is new and still learning proper customer service, or when your employees have not received the training their jobs require. Keep your employees up-to-date on all procedures and policies so they can better help customers.

2) Constantly Transferring Callers

Customers can get annoyed when your business keeps transferring their calls from one department to another. They expect immediate help whenever they have an issue with your services. While sometimes it can be difficult to avoid call transfers, your customer support team should do it the right way. “May I transfer you to someone who can help you more?” is far more polite than “Please hold while I transfer you”, for example. Keep transfer to a minimum and when they do happen, ensure the customer understands that they’re being sent to someone who can help, not simply pawned off.

3) Making Customers Wait Forever

Another customer service mistake that most businesses make is taking too long to solve customers’ problems. That can happen when you involve a third party to fix the problem or when your communication system breaks down. Wait times aren’t entirely in your control, but customers will appreciate it if you streamline your operations to help them as quickly as possible.

4) Failing to Build Relationships with Customers

Most businesses fail to cultivate their relationship with customers, which can be costly if the clients get frustrated. The angry customers can share their frustrations with the public through negative reviews or social media posts, both of which can damage your business’ reputation. Potential clients may even stay away from your company. Avoiding this problem is relatively simple: do your best to not allow a customer’s first encounter with you to be negative. Show your customers you want to provide them with the best products and services you have to offer and always be available to help them as they need.

Show Your Customers You’re Prepared to Help

Improving customer service involves a wide range of tasks and a significant amount of time. Why not streamline the process by outsourcing some of your customer service efforts to an answering service? With professionals on-call to provide an excellent customer service experience, you can rest assured we’ll help improve your ratings.

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