The Effect of Missing Business Calls

Missing calls in a business can damage your reputation and result in a significant loss of revenue. Over 80 percent of business communications occur through phone calls. For that reason, you must never miss incoming calls in your business. You must pay close attention to what potential clients say over the phone. Otherwise, you’ll lose prospects.

Running a business entails a lot of things, including allocating tasks, supervising employees, and talking to clients. As the business owner, you’ll likely miss some important customer calls when you pay more attention to other tasks than phone calls. Thankfully, hiring a third party to handle the calls can save you much.

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Why Businesses Miss Calls

Most businesses miss incoming phone calls when overwhelmed with a lot of work. They focus more on other administrative and management tasks and forget to answer phone calls. Small businesses miss calls more often due to poor customer support strategies. They may not attend to potential clients who call after business hours, mainly at night.

The Impact Missed Calls Can Have

Most customers prefer contacting businesses through phone calls to email and chat. If a client calls your business and you miss the calls, they’ll likely move to another company, which can negatively impact your operations. Customers will lose trust in your business, resulting in significant potential revenue loss. So, always strive to reduce missed calls.

How to Never Miss Calls

Missing incoming calls can hurt your business by reducing profits. The best way to avert this problem is by hiring an answering service to answer the incoming calls. Outsourcing the call-handling roles to a reputable answering service like VoiceLink Communications gives you peace of mind. We’ll answer all the incoming calls from potential clients 24/7.

Choosing an Answering Service for Your Business

You’ll miss many business opportunities that could have earned you income by missing calls and not replying to text messages from potential clients. The good news is that you can source call-handling services from a reliable answering service. You’ll create more time for other crucial tasks in your business as VoiceLink responds to all incoming calls.

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