5 Phone Etiquette Tips for 2022

As a business owner, you must acquaint yourself with practical phone etiquette tips now that most business operations happen through phone calls. Clients can call your business to seek answers they can’t find online. How you answer the calls matters a lot.

What should phone etiquette be like in 2022?

You must showcase proper phone etiquette when a customer calls to ask questions about your products or services. The first impression matters a lot as it defines their experience with your brand. Ensure that every interaction counts.

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  1. Understand Who is Calling & Why
  2. Use an Inviting Tone of Voice
  3. Be Enthusiastic About Helping
  4. Practice Confidence
  5. Ask Callers for Permission

1) Understand Who is Calling & Why

Whenever you receive a phone call, try to figure out why the prospect resolved to pick up the phone. Identifying the call’s motive can influence your conversation. Does the caller want you to address an issue they have with your brand? Or do they want to learn more information about your products and services?

2) Use an Inviting Tone of Voice

How you answer the phone calls from your prospects sets the tone for the conversation. Ensure that your tone sounds more inviting. Smiling while talking over the phone can make a significant difference. If the client is a first-time caller, interact with them in a manner that reflects your brand.

3) Be Enthusiastic About Helping

When talking over the phone, let your customers feel you are willing and ready to help. That makes them feel cared for and valued. If you can’t hear the call well, kindly apologize and request them to repeat it if they don’t mind. Use positive words like “absolutely,” “wonderful,” and “delighted.” Give the caller your full attention.

4) Practice Confidence

Confidence is key to effective communication with a prospect over the phone. Talk to the callers as if no other person in the company can resolve their issues better than you. That way, they’ll understand that you know whatever you are talking about. Most importantly, let your confidence stems from familiarity and knowledge.

5) Ask Callers for Permission

Customers will always want to feel they are in control when conversing with you over the phone. They are the ones reaching out to you. You need to seek their permission before asking a question, putting them on hold, or requesting their phone numbers.

Professional Phone Etiquette with Answering Services

Now that you know vital phone etiquette tips handle your clients’ calls professionally when they call your business phone number. Remain cheerful throughout conversions to make the customers feel you are actively listening. Talk to them as you would when interacting with them face to face. If you have trouble implementing all the tips, let a reputable answering service like VoiceLink Communications help you.

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