Effective Communication Skills for Your Business

A successful business is built on effective communication. Building good relationships with your clients can produce increased sales and positive referrals for any company. Of course, this begs the question: how can a company boost its customer relations and satisfaction?

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Overall, your company can best improve its customer relations by providing a quality experience. Clients appreciate being treated with the same respect they give you. Regardless of field, businesses that provide excellent customer service through the ideas listed below will attract and keep strong clients.

Have a Great First Impression

A good first impression matters as much to a company as to an individual. Your company should especially remember that customers may take their business elsewhere if they feel disrespected.

One good rule of thumb is to treat the clients the same way you would want to be treated if you called them first. In other words, act like your ideal client. Demonstrate an attitude of professional attentiveness, and your customer relations will be off to a good start.

Utilize a Variety of Communication Tools

Thousands of American consumers take advantage of social media-based customer service, yet only an estimated 45% of their questions are ever acknowledged. As the internet continues to dominate the business world, more and more potential clients check a company’s online track record before making a decision. Paying attention to your company’s online image and responding to internet inquiries can make a world of difference in customer relations.

However, even in our social media-driven world, most customer service still takes place over the phone. Automated phone systems are especially useful to large companies. An automated phone menu can direct a customer’s call to the proper live operator, while a virtual answering service keeps track of calls and voicemails at any time of day.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to utilize your own company website! Consider setting up a live chat to answer questions even faster than a phone call.

Encourage Empathy Toward Clients

Naturally, customers want to be treated with respect and professionalism when contacting a business. Modern clients also want to be regarded with empathy toward their problems. Demonstrating understanding and a desire to help will work wonders in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cultivate an attitude of helpfulness and caring toward clients. Listen to the customer, acknowledge their frustration, and help them find a solution. Regardless of what communication channel your company chooses, simple empathy is the single best way to provide a quality customer experience.


Finally, remember that even the most advanced automated phone service is not perfect. According to Microsoft, approximately 30% of consumers agree that bad customer service is only exacerbated by being unable to reach a real person. One way to fix this problem is to involve a live answering service, which connects clients with on-demand help immediately and can dramatically improve customer relations.

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