Phone Call Etiquette: How to Always Sound Professional

Phone call etiquette is essential in improving customer experience and satisfaction in your business. As a customer representative, you need to acquaint yourself with proper phone etiquette skills to represent your brand professionally. That way, you can quickly earn your clients’ trust and loyalty. So how should you speak with clients on the phone?

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When working in the customer support team, answering professional phone calls becomes the most vital part of your job. You should apply strong communication skills to fulfill the customers’ needs. How you answer incoming phone calls and speak over the phone will determine your clients’ commitment to your services.

Answer Within the First Three Rings

When customers call your business, they expect someone to receive their calls and address their concerns promptly. That means you must always be available to answer all the incoming phone calls. You don’t want to keep a client waiting for long.

When you miss the phone call or get them sent to your voicemail, the customers will move to your competitors. You should always be on the phone to ensure that you don’t miss any calls. We recommend that you respond within the first three rings.

Communicate Clearly & Calmly

Professional phone calls require strong communication skills, such as speaking audibly. Since the person on the other end will be judging you based on your voice, you need to communicate as clearly as possible. Project your voice but don’t shout.

Speaking audibly over the phone will ensure that the caller hears you well, so you don’t repeat yourself. When you have a strong, confident voice, your customers will trust you and remain loyal to your services. 

Practice Active Listening and Take Notes

When it comes to paying attention to customers, it’s imperative that you actively listen to them during any conversation. Try to hear and understand what the callers are saying and base your response on their comments instead of using prescribed scripts.

As you actively listen to your customers during phone conversations, remember to take notes. Jot down the main concerns that the customers have and provide relevant solutions. That way, you won’t have to ask them to repeat themselves.

Always Sound Professional On the Phone with Clients

Phone call etiquette is essential when having a phone call conversation. However, if it’s a business call, you must sound more professional. When you’re having trouble professionally talking to your clients, consider investing in a call answering service.

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