Oil & Gas: Live Answering Services for Energy Sectors

Managing day to day operations in a fast-paced industry like oil and gas calls for a well-organized system to maintain workplace safety. A live answering service can be of assistance to energy sectors by providing experienced customer service and emergency response to worksite employees at any time it’s needed.  

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Professional and experienced operators who are trained to understand your industry’s specific duties will make business functions more streamlined. With a live answering service, employees in work-alone situations are in good hands, emergencies are always responded to, and quality customer service is guaranteed.

Work-Alone Employee Assistance

A lot of the time, employees in the oil and gas industry are called to do “work-alone” situations — meaning the employee must check in at regular intervals to ensure their safety and the safety of the materials being handled. An answering service operator can handle work alone calls that require educated decisions to be made by following the required procedures closely. 

Emergency Response

The need for fast-acting emergency response is amplified in the energy industry, having employees working with potentially hazardous matters. It’s crucial to have a working emergency response system in place to ensure employee safety and to document the process for future analysis. Emergencies can happen at any time, meaning assistance needs to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A live answering service will ensure all calls are answered no matter the time or day of the week. 

Pro Tip: Your answering service provider must be highly knowledgeable about the energy sector and capable of handling mission-critical calls with accuracy. 

Great Customer Service, Anytime

It’s a struggle for many businesses to provide notable customer service outside of regular business hours without overstaffing to handle high call volumes. An answering service can manage these after-hours calls and provide the high-quality customer service you would expect from your team of employees. Your phone operator will use your specific guidelines and be trained to handle any questions, requests, or concerns.

Quality Answering Services for Oil and Gas Companies

Energy sectors can benefit greatly from the effectiveness of live answering services. Make oil and gas industry positions safer and more streamlined by working with VoiceLink Communications for quality customer service with each phone call. 

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