Missing Business Calls? Here's What It's Costing You

When your small business fails to answer the phone, there’s more than lost sales to worry about. Continually missing customer calls can come across as poor customer service and ultimately lead your business to even more lost revenue in the future.

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If you’re a business owner struggling to answer incoming calls, you could be losing potential customers. Answering phone calls helps your lead generation, brand reputation, and referrals. Let’s take a look at what unanswered calls could be costing your business:

Poor Lead Generation

Missed telephone calls are counterproductive to lead generation. Lead generation consists of all the ways your business gains new customers, from the moment they first hear about you through strategic marketing touchpoints down to that all-important inaugural purchase. When businesses miss calls, they’re losing steady lead generation.

Pro Tip: A virtual call answering service can help your leads to grow by ensuring all incoming calls are answered professionally. 

Damaged Brand Reputation

Missing calls reflects poorly on the maturity and capacities of your business. Yet continually missing calls can even give off the impression you simply don’t care about your customers, both new and existing. As a result, your brand reputation becomes synonymous with incompetence and indifference.

Lost Referrals

Missed calls also mean losing any potential word-of-mouth referrals from a caller, who could have told family and friends about your business. Had you picked up the phone, you could have made a connection with them and their network, resulting in generating returns from a single source.


Missed phone calls will never do any good for your business. Prevent your business’s incoming phone calls from going to voicemail and losing potential clients by partnering with a phone answering service. Your calls will always be answered professionally and your clients will receive great customer service.

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