Improve Tenant Calls with a Property Management Answering Service

Your work becomes more manageable as a property manager once you invest in a property management answering service. Assets managers have many tasks to attend to, reducing their time to receive all the incoming calls. But, with a credible answering service provider, you are sure that all your calls are well run to satisfy your tenants. 

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Property management answering service offers a capable and steadfast telephone presence, which is always open to meet the needs of your future and current tenants. This provides a reliable customer service base on which, as a property manager, you can develop your services and credibility.

Address Maintenance Issues 

There are two groups of property maintenance issues. 

  • Routine maintenance such as cracked windows or broken light fixtures 
  • Emergency maintenance like water leakages or lack of air conditioning

Once you identify which maintenance issue is a routine or an emergency, your property management answering service can apply your criteria consistently. This helps them determine the appropriate action to take. They can call your maintenance provider for emergency calls for repairs or communicate to you for routine maintenance issues.

Answer Phone Calls After Hours

Most calls from potential tenants come past working hours. A prospective tenant can call to ask for space or leasing info outside regular working hours. This means that such calls may find you out of the office. That is where a property management answering service comes in.

The service providers can answer basic questions concerning your property or unit availability. The prospects will decide whether to proceed with their interest or not after getting such details. You will have ample time to focus on other valuable calls rather than getting diverted by those that don’t add value.   

Save Time and Money 

Your business can save a lot of money and time by having a live answering service. Answering services come on flexible monthly contracts. So, you don’t need permanent staff that you need to pay and provide benefits. During the month when you receive fewer calls, you will only pay what you have used.

All companies that offer property management answering services train their staff. So, you don’t need to train or look for professional receptionists to answer your phones. Also, there is no need to buy any software for handling calls or equipment since the company will already have them.

Choosing a Property Management Answering Service

As a property manager, you always have a lot to do. So, you don’t need to worry about handling calls after investing in a property management answering service. This helps you divert your time, money, and energy to other equally essential responsibilities.

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