After-Hours Phone Answering Services for CEOs

Customer service requests can come regardless of your business hours. How can you as a small business CEO handle these issues as quickly as possible? One popular solution is taking advantage of an after-hours phone answering service.

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An after-hours answering service can help expand your customer base and keep your regular customers engaged. Modern clients expect 24/7 availability, and a call answering service can satisfy this expectation and bring in more business for your company. Let’s look at other ways an answering service can help you.

Cut Wait Times

Too often, understaffed offices can be overwhelmed by a high call volume and force customers to leave voicemails, navigate complex automated menus, or sit on hold. Meanwhile, live answering services will pick up the call immediately, cutting the wait time down to seconds or eliminating it altogether. Customers will certainly appreciate the faster service.

No Time Restrictions

Many answering services offer 24/7 availability regardless of time zone. Not only can they handle calls after hours, but they can also help with a high call volume during the day as a kind of office extension. You will never have more calls than you can handle.

Call center services also give you the freedom to take weekends and holidays off without losing any business. Answering service companies never close, so every single inquiry will be passed on to you upon your return. You and your employees can go home and know that your customers will be well taken care of.

Pro Tip: Answering services can save your business money, too! Most charge a fixed amount per month regardless of call volume, instead of paying for extra hours to monitor the phone.

Business Happens While You Sleep

Even if you’re out of the office, clients are trying to do business with you. Whether it’s online shopping, appointment scheduling, or simply asking a question, customers want to be able to contact you at any time. Reaching a live person rather than a voicemail box boosts customer confidence in your business and makes them more likely to stay with you.

Customers Deserve Your Attention

Businesses depend on loyal customers, and customers appreciate personal, professional attention. In a world of expected constant availability, after-hours phone service shows your customers that you care about their business and will make sure they are taken care of.

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