Answering Services vs. Virtual Receptionist: Main Differences

Choosing between an answering service and vs. virtual receptionist can be challenging when you don’t know their differences. Unfortunately, missing calls can result in losses. The good news is that both options can help you avoid missing calls in your business, translating into more profits. This guide explores the difference between answering service and virtual receptionist.

If your business handles a large call volume, you may have trouble receiving all the incoming phone calls and focusing on your core business roles. In that case, outsourcing call-handling services makes more sense. Instead of answering every call, you’ll get time to perform the day-to-day operations of your business.

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Live Answering Services

A live answering service is ideal for a small business owner who can’t answer calls. An off-site company receives all the inbound calls using a line dedicated to every client they work for. They can help clients who call your business to obtain general information, ask about operating hours, or report issues. You’ll also get an automated answering service.

On-Demand Answering Services

With a live, on-demand answering service, your incoming calls get answered on the first ring with a customized automated greeting for your company. After that, the urgent and priority callers will get prompted to press zero (0) and then transfer to a live operator. The good thing about this service is that it’s budget-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient.

Virtual Answering Services

Virtual receptionists also answer phone calls, but they do more than an in-house receptionist. They offer services that can help a company manage customer calls. As a result, this can help you maintain a higher level of personalization and professionalism. A virtual receptionist can answer calls, schedule appointments, and respond to messages, improving customer service.

Finding the Best Answering Service for Your Business

Many don’t know the difference between a telephone answering service and vs. virtual receptionist, so they think both options are the same. The good news is that you now understand their main differences. So, you can invest in the best live answering service to avoid missing calls in your business and boost sales. Thankfully, VoiceLink can help.

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