Types of Telephone Answering Services for Your Business

Businesses that receive multiple phone calls every day can invest in various types of answering services to keep their business running. Your clients will enjoy exceptional customer service as their phone calls will get answered 24 hours a day. Your company will keep running, lowering the chances of losing potential clients seeking your services.

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Call answering services come with several benefits. You’ll be taking care of your clients’ needs 24 hours a day and even have enough time to focus on other tasks. But before hiring an answering service, it would be good to first look at the types of answering services available and select the most beneficial to your business.

Now, let’s look at the three types of answering services and their respective benefits.

Live Answering Services

If you need all the incoming calls to be personally handled by professional receptionists, a live answering service will be the perfect solution for your business. The professionals will learn about your business requirements and represent your company professionally.

Some of the services you’ll enjoy from a live answering service include call processing, message delivery, scripting, call screening, and quality control. Whether you own a big or small business, a live answering service will customize your calls to suit your needs.

Live On-Demand Services

Live on-demand answering services are a perfect solution for businesses that need live receptionists on standby. Incoming calls will be answered on the first ring through your business’ customized automated greetings. Clients will also get your services’ menu.

Urgent callers will get prompted to press “0,” and their calls transferred to live operators to assist them personally. VoiceLink can help you develop the right balance between live answering services and automated menu selection to fulfill your clients’ demands. 

Virtual Answering Services

If you are a budget-minded individual who needs a more reliable alternative to simple voicemail, go for a virtual answering service for important calls. It is a feature-rich and cost-effective service with capabilities surpassing conventional voicemail.

Working with virtual receptionists comes with several advantages, including telephone notifications, on-call schedules, and live call transfers. You will also enjoy features such as pager notifications and broadcast messaging at affordable costs. 

Choosing a Call Center Service for Your Business

With the three types of call answering services mentioned in this guide, your clients will enjoy full-time customer support. Select an answering service that fits your business’ needs, whether it’s a real estate or medical answering service. VoiceLink Communications can handle your calls professionally based on your instructions.

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