5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Virtual Answering Service

When you invest in a virtual answering service, a virtual receptionist handles all your phone calls remotely. Your thriving business will never miss calls, even after business hours. The virtual assistant will also schedule appointments, collect caller information, respond to text messages, and give your company’s basic information on your behalf.

Why should your business have a virtual receptionist?

You are probably wondering whether to hire in-house receptionists or virtual receptionists. The truth is, the latter comes with numerous benefits. You don’t need to secure physical office space for a virtual receptionist. They can receive incoming calls and respond to your clients from an off-site location.

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  1. Calls Answered 24/7
  2. Streamline Business Tasks
  3. Lower Operating Costs
  4. Bilingual Answering
  5. Customer Loyalty

1) Calls Answered 24/7

Virtual receptionists operate 24/7, meaning they can answer your calls full time, including at night when you are asleep. In-house receptionists may only receive calls during business hours and days. You’ll likely miss several calls with in-house workers when clients call you after business hours and during weekends or holidays.

2) Streamline Business Tasks

By delegating call services to an answering service company, you get more time to focus on core business activities. Virtual receptionists are well-trained and can handle your business calls professionally. They can help you accomplish several tasks, such as taking messages, scheduling appointments, and updating calendars.

3) Lower Operating Costs

Hiring an answering service company will help you maximize your company’s financial resources. You won’t need to employ in-house employees to handle business calls, saving you the money you would have spent on office space and hiring. To hire virtual receptionists, you need a fraction of the wages you would have paid in-house workers.

4) Bilingual Answering

One-quarter of Americans are bilingual. So, hiring a receptionist who can fluently speak at least two languages is ideal, for instance, English and Spanish. This can be helpful for businesses that serve the Hispanic community. The good news is that bilingual call answering services are available, which in-house receptionists may not offer.

5) Customer Loyalty

Virtual receptionists will handle all the customer calls to your business number, improving customer service. Customers will trust your business when they get a quick response from a live virtual receptionist. You’ll make them feel cared for and valued, winning their loyalty. Besides, their calls get handled by professionals.

Choosing a Reliable Virtual Answering Service

Investing in a virtual answering service is worth it. Your business will enjoy 24/7 call handling services, appointment scheduling, and low operation costs. However, you can only maximize the benefits when hiring a reliable virtual answering service. The good news is that VoiceLink Communications offer reliable virtual receptionist services.

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