Setting Up An HVAC/R Answering Service

An HVAC answering service is an indispensable requirement for any HVAC/R company that wants to grow. Homeowners can call you to install, repair, and maintain their heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, especially during peak seasons. That means you must be available 24 hours a day to receive their calls.

As an HVAC/R contractor, you need to invest in an HVAC/R answering service to avoid missing calls. A live operator or virtual receptionist will receive all incoming phone calls in your business, including after business hours. Your clients will always find someone to talk to about their HVAC issues, even when you are away.

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Search for a Proven Strategy

When hiring an HVAC answering service, you need to select a company with a proven strategy and experience handling calls in the sector. Ask for a documented, proven process that explains the setup process and what to expect immediately after the answering service begins. You should also get advice on strategies others are using.

Keep Your Team Up to Speed

Your staff must sync with the answering service you select to ensure a smooth and seamless operation. Consider training your technicians and office staff to work with the service. For example, they should know how to schedule calls and check in to clear service calls. You can create a contact for the answering service with their check-in line. You can send it to your technicians, so they’ll know who calls your business.

Ensure Your Specific Instructions Are Followed

When using a call answering service, you must provide proper instructions and ensure that they are followed. Put your expectations clear for every call you expect to assist the call center offer exceptional customer service to the callers. The answering service will adjust its call answering template to fulfill your specific instructions and needs.

Setting Up A Successful Call Answering Service for HVAC

Setting up an HVAC answering service must never be daunting with these insightful tips. If your HVAC/R company handles a large call volume, consider hiring an answering service with many years of experience in the HVAC industry. Notably, VoiceLink Communications is the best answering service for HVAC companies and other contractor services.

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