Recording a Professional Business Voicemail Greeting

When your customers call and leave a message, their experience can significantly influence their view of your business. From navigating a menu to hearing a prerecorded business voicemail greeting, they’ll take note of how simple and professional their experience was. You can make sure they reach you with ease, both by optimizing their automated menu navigation and by ensuring they hear a professional recorded message when they call.

Recording a business voicemail greeting is not the same as recording a personalized message for your cell phone. You’ll want to maintain a level of professionalism while also connecting with your customers. Before you start recording, keep these tips in mind to leave a good impression on potential clients.

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What Should Your Recording Include?

Your voicemail recording should include several key elements to communicate with your customers. The most important parts of your greeting are:

  • Announcement and identification (“Hello! You’ve reached [your name] with [your business’s name]”)
  • A brief apology (“I’m sorry, but we are unable to take your call as we are [closed, assisting guests, away from the desk, etc.]”)
  • Invitation to leave a message
  • Information you want from them (“Please leave your name, number, and reason for calling”)
  • Promise of a callback and timeframe (“You’ll hear from us within 24 hours!”)

How to Sound Your Best

You may be tempted to just record the message and be done with it. Remember, however, that this message will potentially leave a lasting impression on first-time callers. Take a little time to practice your speech, pronunciation, and tone of voice. You want to sound your best!

Pro Tip: Avoid using a monotone voice when you record a voicemail greeting for a virtual answering system. You want your customers to be engaged and feel welcomed, not like a burden.

Update the Information Provided

From time to time, the information provided in your voicemail greeting will update. Maybe your business hours or phone number will change. No matter what the change is, make sure that if the altered information appears in your voicemail greeting, that you update the recording as soon as possible. Don’t mislead customers through mistaken communication.

Recording a Professional Voicemail Greeting

Customers expect professional treatment from your business at all times, even from a prerecorded business voicemail greeting. Provide a good impression of your business and yourself through the simple act of recording a professional voicemail message. It only takes a few minutes of your time and can impact your business for the better.

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