How to Professionally Deal with Angry Customers Over the Phone

Sometimes unhappy customers are unavoidable. Knowing how to deal with an angry customer over the phone is an important skill to have in customer service. There is a key to handling angry customers and solving the problem professionally. 

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Dealing with angry customer calls means staying calm throughout the situation, practicing active listening, and letting the customer know you understand where they’re coming from.

Remember to Stay Calm

Try to remain calm throughout the conversation, as difficult as it may be. Listen to your customer’s complaint without rebuttal and let them know you’re willing to fix the situation. Difficult customers want to feel heard and know that you’re willing to make the circumstances right. 

Practice Active Listening

Make your customers feel like their problem is really being listened to and understood. You can defuse the situation by letting the customer vent their frustration before offering a solution. Make sure to take notes of their concerns to stay focused on the main issue that needs resolving.

Pro Tip: Don’t interrupt the client while they are venting about their issue over the phone. If you missed something, make a mental note to come back to it and make sure you are both on the same page.

Let Them Know You Understand 

Ensure that you understand the purpose of the customer’s phone call from beginning to end. You can turn things around for good customer experience by verifying the information that they give you. It can calm the customer down to know that you see where it is they’re coming from.

Defusing the Situation

Dealing with angry customers over the phone can be handled professionally with the right customer service skills. Consider a professional phone answering service for your business so you can ensure calls are always answered with quality customer service. Our call center representatives know how to handle upset customers in a variety of industry situations. 

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