The Crucial Role of Communication with Your Answering Service Provider

As most business owners know, an answering service provides invaluable help to customers and employees alike. Your call center is there to help you handle the workload. However, since the employees of an answering service don’t work directly for you, they don’t always know the details of your procedures. This is why maintaining a good relationship and effective communication with your answering service is important for any business.

It’s hard to over-emphasize the importance of communication with your answering service provider. Don’t expect answering service employees to be able to perfectly replicate your customer care policies without understanding them first. Streamline the process by clearly outlining your expectations.

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Cut Down on Mistakes

Poor communication or unclear instructions can lead to confusion at your answering service. If someone isn’t quite sure how to help a customer and can’t get input from you, they’ll have to go with their best judgment call. Don’t leave your service branch guessing! Outline your expectations very clearly to resolve the customers’ problems as quickly as possible.

Consistent Responses

Asking a difficult question to five different people will get you five different answers unless all five people can reference the same material for the answer. If you maintain a good relationship and clear communication with your answering service, they’ll be able to provide consistent answers to your customers. Consistency in treatment and help can go a long way in maintaining a good relationship with your client base as well!

Pro Tip: Whenever your policies and procedures update, send the new version to the answering service as well as your own employees. Don’t leave anyone out of the loop.

Better Customer Service

When a customer calls your business, they’re looking for two things: the right kind of service, and fast delivery of that service. Both can be provided by a well-informed answering service. Your customers won’t have to wait on hold while the answering service searches for the answer to their question. Specific instructions to the answering service employees will ensure that your customers get the right information as quickly as possible, increasing customer satisfaction as well as professional service.

Professional Communication

Answering services are ready and willing to help you improve your customer service and handle the flood of phone calls, but they need your input to make sure they help your customers properly. Improve customer service all around by keeping your employees and your answering service informed of your policies and any updates.

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